Friday, 20 July 2012


I attended the Essex polo as VIP with fashion designer Joey Bevan and Britains next top model runner up Imogen Leaver last weekend, despite the weather was absolutely horrendous, the overall event was very enjoyable. Champagne and Pims were served as well as a sweet cart being available for a free pick and mix! Many local celebrities were there such as 'The only way is ESSEX' cast members, Charlie, Bobby and little Chris. Ex Band members of 'Blue' Antony costa and Simon Webbe and make up artist Gary Cocksrill also attended the event. 
The ladies rocked out there cocktail dresses but gave up with the louboutins for wellies due to the dramatic down pour of rain and the thick mud. Thos who forgot there practical footwear resorting to tying carrier bags  to their feet to protect their heels! Well done ladies! 

 The wrist band for ESSEX POLO

Monday, 2 July 2012

To promote the performing artist 'Aggro Santos' with his new up coming single 'So Sexy', and his summer tour in Ibiza; his team of make up barney is great and styling have kitted him out to look ideal for a photo shoot. 

The images were taken in the streets of Brixton. The urbanised location with its distressed brick walls, curb concrete and graffiti art, complemented the outfits worn by Aggro Santos. 
The collection pantone colours are dark; a variety of shades of grey. The collaborated colours with street scenery worked really well because the connection of object and background fitted. 
Some images were taken in a local skate park, grey ramps smooth surface, vandalised by graffiti art. 

Aggro Santos was styled in garments filled with detailing which really stood out from the monotonous colours. Crooked pleats and gathered sleeves created a subtle yet distressed edgy look. We used a leather gillet/ hooded jumper piece create by an up coming designer named Joe Good which had an amazing detailed skull face on the back all hand embroidered with beads. The collection consisted of a lot of woollen fabrics and knit to support the image of Autumn/Winter. 
The make up for the shoot was subtle so that it does not over power the clothes as well as this, we wanted to set the scene of a daily lifestyle throughout the shoot. A young man hanging around the streets of Brixton, its casual, relaxed setting is distressed by a raw, edgy, urban twist to the clothing. 

Me and Aggro Santos on the shoot!