Thursday, 31 May 2012

I attended the AIU London University Ba Hons Fashion Show and marketing Exhibit which was held in an enclosed car park in a ware house along brick road. The urban scene was set with a collaboration of elegance and couture against the concrete hard scenery of the car park  which really worked well to create a artistic atmosphere. Accompanied by champagne, I watched the show and was amazed at the quality of each students collection and how boldly the inspiration stood out. There was a range of unique designs, textures and decorations that really made the show something special against the dulness of the venue. I believe this is the effect the organisers were looking for and I have to say it really works. 

After the show, awards were given out to prize winners of the collections by the famous fashion designer Zandra Rhodes. The event was a success  and I am very impressed with the work displayed; the hair, make up and models were very good also so great credit is to be given for their contribution to the show.

The whole show was live streamed to so that everyone on the web can enjoy the collections, here is the link so you can see for yourself the grade of work.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Summer is finally here and i am very exited to get my winter wardrobe packed away, ditch the darks and bring in the brights to really get us into the summery mood! Topshops new 'Brights' collection is a must so have a look on the website:

I bought a pink skater dress from this range and it is amazing, I have not had any time to get into the sun but this dress works wonders for illuminating a tan! The contrast of the fluorescent colour and skin tone give an immediate glow, so its an amazing buy to really show off your natural radiance and in a bold statement colour trending for this summer.
Here is a picture of my legs and the dress, see what i mean?!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Nelly Furtados new come back track 'Big Hoops' is amazing! Love the dub step mash up in the middle! This song really gets me in the mood for a party holiday and I think it will start trending big hoops for summer 2013. Lets break out our old chav hoops and turn tacky into trendy, the bigger the better!